Dormitels Ph: Budget friendly hotel for travelers

Philippines is one of the targeted tourist spots in Southeast Asia. Although we may be  isolated from our neighboring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, we are still one of the most desired destination among tourists coming from different parts of the globe.  Being a traveler myself, one thing that most of us look … Continue reading Dormitels Ph: Budget friendly hotel for travelers

Vernissage Flea Market

My obsession with anything vintage kicked in after seeing all these rare classic finds being sold at Vernissage Flea Market.  A few months ago, I was looking at all these vinyl at Virgin Megastore at  Mall of the Emirates and all of them are marked with rip-off prices plus it doesn't feel really vintage. It's … Continue reading Vernissage Flea Market

The Heritage Malolos Tour

When I was in school, I never really had any interests in History. The only thing that makes me so excited about all the subjects we had was, of course, P.E and English. History made me yawn. In fact, I don't really care whether Rizal died for our country or the fact that Apolinario Mabini … Continue reading The Heritage Malolos Tour

Asia Premium Travelmart at the SMX Conventon Center

It was such a success for the Asia Travelmart last year that they have provided great destinations for people who loves to travel. Asia Premium Travelmart is a platform for travel counselors to network and meet with luxury Sellers from all over the world.. In this sense, hotels from all over the country ties up … Continue reading Asia Premium Travelmart at the SMX Conventon Center