Meeting Jeffrey Sutorius-Dash Berlin

I cannot say how lucky I am to meet one of the world's popular DJ in the history. Meet Jeffrey Sutorius aka Dash Berlin. Dash Berlin at the Media Press Conference Interesting fact I learned about this guy was that he actually started out as a drummer. Also, he worked for BPM Records and Mid Town … Continue reading Meeting Jeffrey Sutorius-Dash Berlin

Exception Music Festival-The crowd

Exception Music Festival has catered to all walks of life. it's not all about Trance music. As you can see they put up three stages and one of them for live bands. Those who don't dig the EDM scene can listen and hang out at the live stage area. The sole purpose of this big … Continue reading Exception Music Festival-The crowd

Free passes for the Exception Music Festival!

How to get free passes for this big event? It's easy peasy! Here are the mechanics: 1. Like Bigfish International on Facebook. 2. Follow @wickedsistah and @Bigfishmanila on twitter. 3. Share this post on Facebook with your friends! 4. Name one DJ who will be playing on Exception Music festival.  Tweet your answers @wickedsistah and tag … Continue reading Free passes for the Exception Music Festival!

Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012

Finally, finally. This is the much-awaited post of the day.  I should probably get a lotta spanking from my readers. I don't mind, really. Let me just tell you something about the party last Saturday. I was honestly not expecting I'd get a free invite for this BIG event coz usually, whenever we attend Bigfish … Continue reading Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012