Staycation at Monteluce

Discovering places along South can be a tiresome activity. and as much as I can, I wanted to spend my weekends away from all the noise of the city. As mentioned on my previous post from my Nordic Homes blog article, I like staycations and some of the factors I look for in a place … Continue reading Staycation at Monteluce

Containers by Eco Hotel: The eco friendly hotel in the South

I'm becoming quite picky when it comes to choosing a place for staycations. Let's just say that Dubai has influenced me so much when it comes to standards. Everything there is just so fancy that I got used to it. The restaurants, the resorts, the malls. Our area (Barsha Heights) is surrounded by tall flats … Continue reading Containers by Eco Hotel: The eco friendly hotel in the South

Nordic Homes Tagaytay through Airbnb

The trend now for condominium owners is having their unit listed through Airbnb, which is a smart way to invest and have them rented by guests at a cheaper cost compared to hotels, plus they get to have the best hospitality that some hotels are lacking. You'd get to have this sense of "homey feeling" … Continue reading Nordic Homes Tagaytay through Airbnb

A very Interesting Tour at Paradizoo

Whenever I attend events, I make sure that I get to learn something interesting from it. The media tokens are just a plus but the possible things you can learn  are priceless, not to mention the interesting people you'll meet as well. Yesterday, I was invited at the ribbon cutting of Mr Yupangco's farms inside the … Continue reading A very Interesting Tour at Paradizoo

Another solo trip: Residence Inn Tagaytay 

It was All Saint's Day when I had the chance to spend the night alone in a hotel. My brother, his girlfriend, and my 2 kids were in Batangas and I didn't go with them because I would feel really uncomfortable being in the car with my bro. We had this terrible fight and until … Continue reading Another solo trip: Residence Inn Tagaytay 

The Haunted Mansion

Because of stress, the only thing I could do to find my source of positive energy is connecting with nature. Getting lost. Sometimes, that's all you need to really find yourself—being lost literally. We have been driving around Tagaytay for hours, just looking at the nice scenery around us. Upon taking the uphill climb to Palace … Continue reading The Haunted Mansion

Always a South girl

I can’t get enough of Tagaytay. It’s my sanctuary whenever I feel sad, lonely and happy. Fresh breeze calms my nerves Here's a breathtaking view of Tagaytay from the balcony of Palace in the Sky Off shoulder top from @Trippyswag (Instagram), corduroy shorts, random find and my reliable The Ramp wedge sneakers. WWF tote bag … Continue reading Always a South girl

Yearning for Solace

I am currently so stressed out that I decided to give myself a break and try to find inner peace. It was sort of a blessing because as I was looking for a yoga studio in Tagaytay, I discovered this retreat house called  Brahma Kumaris where they teach you how to meditate and practice the … Continue reading Yearning for Solace