Humdrum, Peril and Romance

My first look of for the year 2013. I love this top! Someone actually approached me in the street and said: "Miss,you're wearing your shirt backwards." I and I replied " Thank you." then smiled and walked away whistling. Cant get enough of this brogues. I feel like kicking ass every time I wear this. … Continue reading Humdrum, Peril and Romance

Island Traveler

I feel like an Island Traveler. Though I'm not sure if I'm dressed like one. Camiguin feels like a paradise! If given a chance, Id love to live here for a year. Vest from Promod, Bandeau from Zara. Cutoff shorts from an old pair of jeans. Mini bag from Tootsie.  Fedora hat by SM Accessories. … Continue reading Island Traveler