Scalpex Product Review: Say No to Snowflakes In Your Hair!

I am not ashamed that I do have dandruff most of the freaking time. I know it’s embarrassing but the thing is, I never stick to one shampoo and I always switch from one brand to the next, resulting in slight irritation of the scalp, which causes that snowflake thing falling from your hair.  The typical commercial brand of dandruff shampoo doesn’t work for me and one particular brand even made it worse. So I am happy to try Scalpex manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Product Information:

100 mL Ketoconazole 2 g, Zn pyrithione 1 g.

It has a pink liquid consistency with a mild flowery fragrance. Use twice a week for 4 weeks with at least 3 days in between uses. Massage onto wet hair & scalp for 1 min. then leave for 3 min & rinse. This medicated shampoo is doctor prescribed so you may want to consult with a PDS derma first for a proper diagnosis before purchasing the product. If the case of your dandruff is so severe, never try to scrape your scalp hard with a stainless comb or anything sharp just because you want to relieve the itchy feeling. If you do this, it will further injure your scalp, which may enable bacteria or fungus to enter and cause infection.

Is it recommendable? 

Yes. I have used this for only a week and the flakes were gone and even the itchy feeling.  It may be a small bottle but this is enough to cure this annoying dandruff that can be an embarrassment to you if you don’t treat it.


Foskina: Now Available as an OTC Ointment for Wounds

Little emergencies are unpredictable. If you have active kids around the age of 7 and up, chances are, you’ll always find them with scrapes and wounds on some parts like elbows and knees .You ‘may be thinking this is a minor issue and can be easily dismissed but its very important for parents to know how to properly care for wounds  because the ability of a wound to heal will depend on how you take care of it,

I grew up with having Betadine as our go-to whenever there’s little mishaps like this. Either a Betadine or an alcohol or a hydrogen peroxide. You know the usual belief with parents  that when you put a Betadine, the browner the color the more  effective it gets for the healing process.  as for hydrogen peroxide., the more bubbles you see, the more bacteria it eliminates. However, these are all false beliefs and in fact, it is not advisable as it  can actually ham the tissue and even delay the healing process.

So, what are the proper steps in caring for a wound?  These  steps are most recommended by pediatricians and doctors . We need to be very particular on this in order to prevent infections, complications and also to help minimize the effects of ugly scarring.

What are the signs to watch out for your child’s wound? If the skin around the wound becomes inflamed, the wound discharge increases in amount or is accompanied by an unpleasant smell. Generally, if you feel that the wound is healing too slowly and your child develops fever and enlarging lymph nodes, it is best to consult a dermatologist at the soonest possible time, as per Dr. Giselle Adasa, a Pediatric Dermatologist and a member of The Philippine Dermatological Society.

As a parent, keeping our child safe is our top priority. Glenmark Philippines aims to increase awareness on the importance in knowing basic first aid,  particularly among parents. One of the essentials inside a first aid kit is a topical antibiotic . This kit is very handy and a must on every kids bags. Although most schools have first aids, it’s still important that they carry this  at all times.

Foskina Ointment, a product of Glenmark, offers a wide range of activity over oter available products. It is safer and much better tolerated. Foskina contains Mupirocin 2 %, an antibiotic that is indicated for the total treatment of bacterial skin infections like furuncles, impertigo and open wounds, among others. It is also extremely useful in the treatment of MRSA or Methicillin-Resistant-Straph-Aureus infections, which is becoming a cause of significant death in hospitalized patients receiving systematic antibiotic therapy.



Foskina Ointment used to be an antibiotic ointment prescribed by doctors  but now it can be bought as an over-the-counter product  and is now available in all leading drugstores nationwide.

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