Calumet Ethnic Bar and Lounge: The “speakeasy” bar in Yerevan

I wouldn't really call it an authentic "speakeasy" because most of the bars and pubs in Yerevan are all located underground plus it is not really hidden or illicit you might say The great thing about this place is the relaxed vibe you get where you can choose a spot and slump carelessly in one … Continue reading Calumet Ethnic Bar and Lounge: The “speakeasy” bar in Yerevan

La Grande Residence: A New Condotel Near Clark International Airport

Angeles City, Pampanga is an urban city located in Central Luzon where the Clark International Airport is situated, and just about 83 kilometers from Manila. The last time I've been to Angeles City was during our Chef Laudico's Restaurant review last 2016 and it's still the same populous city I've known with a lot of … Continue reading La Grande Residence: A New Condotel Near Clark International Airport

Staycation On a Weekday At The Gramercy Residences

Stressed. One word and I'm off for another staycation even on a weekday. This is a spur of the moment and very unplanned. I was in one of my moods and when I am in that state of crankiness, I just up and do whatever my spoiled self wishes to do. Since my body is … Continue reading Staycation On a Weekday At The Gramercy Residences

Staycation at Monteluce

Discovering places along South can be a tiresome activity. and as much as I can, I wanted to spend my weekends away from all the noise of the city. As mentioned on my previous post from my Nordic Homes blog article, I like staycations and some of the factors I look for in a place … Continue reading Staycation at Monteluce

Nordic Homes Tagaytay through Airbnb

The trend now for condominium owners is having their unit listed through Airbnb, which is a smart way to invest and have them rented by guests at a cheaper cost compared to hotels, plus they get to have the best hospitality that some hotels are lacking. You'd get to have this sense of "homey feeling" … Continue reading Nordic Homes Tagaytay through Airbnb

Green for Luck!

I tried matching the UAE flag during the UAE National Day but came up matching the cops uniform that I'm seeing in Metro. I love this coat and I've worn this during winter  I love taking photos in our office location The Dubai Internet City coz  It's so quiet there and less busy compared to … Continue reading Green for Luck!

The holy place of Noravank

I'm always blessed and so loved by God. I have never in my whole life imagined Ill have the privilege to see one of the most historical places in the world,  the Noravank in Armenia. Its a monastery known for its huge cliffs and ancient looking churches which founded by Bishop Hovhannes,   There are … Continue reading The holy place of Noravank

Visiting The Grand Mosque in AD

I've been very curious what the inside of a Mosque looks like. My friend who has been living in the UAE told me it just looks like the Ibn Battuta Mall, with its artistic and beautiful interiors. I'd rather see for myself and I'm sure each mosque looks different from the other. I love looking at … Continue reading Visiting The Grand Mosque in AD

Failing could be your road to HAPPINESS

The biggest regret that you can ever have is not even trying. I prefer trying and failing. Try and fail again and try even harder. If you still fail, maybe you need to find the right time at the right place with the right people. Believe in the power of instincts. I trust mine 100 … Continue reading Failing could be your road to HAPPINESS

Winter Feels: Jermuk Mountains

I went to visit Armenia last week. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and the opportunity was just in front of my face so why not grab it? Plus I feel like I really need a break from all these bullshits that were thrown at me for the past couple of weeks.  … Continue reading Winter Feels: Jermuk Mountains