Meeting Jeffrey Sutorius-Dash Berlin

I cannot say how lucky I am to meet one of the world’s popular DJ in the history.

Meet Jeffrey Sutorius aka Dash Berlin.


Dash Berlin at the Media Press Conference

Interesting fact I learned about this guy was that he actually started out as a drummer. Also, he worked for BPM Records and Mid Town Records, both specializing in vinyl.

He played my favorite Armin Van Buren ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Not Giving up on Love with a mix of his own stuff.

Also, let me tell you that I did something totally dumb with the videos. We recorded a few from my Ipad and all of the videos turned out really nice, HD and all. But, to my dismay, I uploaded them via Vimeo and I guess I must have hit the wrong button of some sort because the videos turned out blurry!  I found out too late that I actually didn’t choose the Large HD option.  I have no choice so I guess the videos will have to do.  Thankfully, the Media Press Conference video we recorded is still on my Ipad so I still have the chance to replace the old one.

Will be uploading the videos whithin a week.

Exception Music Festival-The DJs

Hello, everybody, I’m back. Talk about a very chill and relaxing Sunday! Here I am spending the night blogging while my colleagues are out there partying at Manila Hotel. it’s our Christmas party and I really don’t feel like mingling with people. I want to spend the night with my kids because I’ve been out of the house most of the time and realized that I am neglecting my duties as a mommy.
I have a lot of things to share with you and I think I would be blogging nonstop until the wee hours of the morning. I still owe my readers the Part 2 of my Exception Music Festival. As mentioned in my first part of the EMF experience, I was really one of the luckiest that night coz I get to meet the DJs.

Cool beans!


John Paul Lee



Andy Moore








it was an eargasmic moment. The DJs were so nice and we talked about how trance music is becoming a big hype and more Filipinos are appreciating the EDM scene.

More of Part three with EMF. I know it’s quite delayed but whatever.

Free passes for the Exception Music Festival!

How to get free passes for this big event? It’s easy peasy!

Here are the mechanics:

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I will be announcing 2 Winners!

Good Luck everyone!!!

Again, for more details, check their website and just click on the advertisement on the right side of this blog.

Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012

Finally, finally. This is the much-awaited post of the day.  I should probably get a lotta spanking from my readers. I don’t mind, really.

Let me just tell you something about the party last Saturday. I was honestly not expecting I’d get a free invite for this BIG event coz usually, whenever we attend Bigfish parties, we just pay the discounted tickets from a friend who’s a promoter and at the same time, an event organizer.  Our usual perks are scoring discounted tickets and we don’t have to fall in line anymore. So, much to my surprise, I happened to check my email and I was invited to attend the event for free! Just because I’m a blogger! How cool is that? And not only do I get to attend this big event for free, I also get to have the privilege of interviewing the DJs and I am allowed to bring a plus 1 with me.  I’m so psyched and super duper happy. I am gushing nonstop because I’m such a big fan of Bigfish parties.  I totally appreciate the trance music more when in fact I used to hate them. But ever since I’ve been a regular attendee, I got hooked!

As mentioned from my previous post, I’ll be a policewoman!




With blogger Adrian Benipayo





My face looks so pale. I’m wearing a wrong shade of makeup. Actually, I used my Etude House BB Cream which  think doesn’t suit my skin tone.




I love seeing people in costumes. Some of them really took in a lot of effort.



















Dandy and her GF Carish


Met so many new people and now they’ve been adding me on Facebook and the friend requests were nonstop!!!


More cool parties up next to share with you.