Meeting Jeffrey Sutorius-Dash Berlin

I cannot say how lucky I am to meet one of the world's popular DJ in the history. Meet Jeffrey Sutorius aka Dash Berlin. Dash Berlin at the Media Press Conference Interesting fact I learned about this guy was that he actually started out as a drummer. Also, he worked for BPM Records and Mid Town … Continue reading Meeting Jeffrey Sutorius-Dash Berlin

Exception Music Festival-The DJs

Hello, everybody, I'm back. Talk about a very chill and relaxing Sunday! Here I am spending the night blogging while my colleagues are out there partying at Manila Hotel. it's our Christmas party and I really don't feel like mingling with people. I want to spend the night with my kids because I've been out … Continue reading Exception Music Festival-The DJs

Free passes for the Exception Music Festival!

How to get free passes for this big event? It's easy peasy! Here are the mechanics: 1. Like Bigfish International on Facebook. 2. Follow @wickedsistah and @Bigfishmanila on twitter. 3. Share this post on Facebook with your friends! 4. Name one DJ who will be playing on Exception Music festival.  Tweet your answers @wickedsistah and tag … Continue reading Free passes for the Exception Music Festival!

Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012

Finally, finally. This is the much-awaited post of the day.  I should probably get a lotta spanking from my readers. I don't mind, really. Let me just tell you something about the party last Saturday. I was honestly not expecting I'd get a free invite for this BIG event coz usually, whenever we attend Bigfish … Continue reading Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012