Culture trip in Baguio

In the midst of the chaotic work week consisting of drafts for clients, pending articles to be submitted, proposals that needs to be submitted, and all other blogger slash PR related tasks, the brain that's supposed to function got cluttered with so many unnecessary thoughts and has caused me to be inefficient somehow. Because of … Continue reading Culture trip in Baguio

Celebrating my Independence!

I am celebrating my independence this month.  It's been a year since the biggest detour of my life. The freedom and this solo thing are so addicting. I felt so powerful. Its like I can battle everything that comes my way. My life changed just like that and I was transported to a different planet and … Continue reading Celebrating my Independence!

Blogger staycation at Azalea Hotels Baguio

I've been putting off my Baguio trip plan the past few weeks because of work and events. The idea of traveling alone has always been lingering my mind and it gives me that burning desire to fulfill it. Days passed by like a blur and  the trip just slipped my mind,  too consumed with stress … Continue reading Blogger staycation at Azalea Hotels Baguio