La Grande Residence: A New Condotel Near Clark International Airport

Angeles City, Pampanga is an urban city located in Central Luzon where the Clark International Airport is situated, and just about 83 kilometers from Manila. The last time I’ve been to Angeles City was during our Chef Laudico’s Restaurant review last 2016 and it’s still the same populous city I’ve known with a lot of foreign expats and tourists.

Now I’m back in this place but this time, to review a new condotel that’s close to SM Pampanga.

Brand new building with imported furniture, sparkling pool and amazing amenities.  This is one of the finest condos in Angeles City.


Only 10 minutes from Clark International Airport, La Grande Residence despite being newly built, is gaining popularity here in Angeles City, with it’s accessible location to almost everything, like shopping Malls and Duty Free and a walking distance to the main road.

You will be greeted by their friendly staff upon entering the lobby. We arrived there with heavy groceries and I like how they are proactive in offering help. I am very particular with these things because for me, customer service should be the number one asset of a business, and then everything follows. The place has a swimming pool and Jacuzzi at the ground floor, an in-house Swiss themed restaurant Zermatt that offers both Swiss and Filipino cuisines catering to residents and their guests.

My friend Titzche looking so sexy
Cool ink!
I forgot to bring a book.

The studio unit

With my friends Titzche and Ann

Most of the rooms are fully furnished and you also have the option to choose which furniture package you want. Their Phase 1 is still under construction but Phase 2 is already occupied and there are rooms available for viewing .

We stayed at their studio type room complete with everything we need for cooking, a flat screen TV a stable high speed wifi for our typical social media activities.

Infinity pool at the rooftop!

With the nice view of that mountain in Zambales
Trying to catch the rays of the sun
Retiree photo bombers lol


The location is just 10 minutes from Clark International Airport and accessible to commercial areas like shopping malls, Duty Free, local hospital and other establishments.


46-B Sarmiento Street Plaridel 1 Malabanias, Angeles City 2009 Pampanga

Website: La Grande Residence

Facebook Page: La Grande Residence

You may also book through Airbnb and use my discount code

Staycation On a Weekday At The Gramercy Residences

Stressed. One word and I’m off for another staycation even on a weekday. This is a spur of the moment and very unplanned. I was in one of my moods and when I am in that state of crankiness, I just up and do whatever my spoiled self wishes to do. Since my body is aching for a dip on the pool, I spent my remaining free time in the office looking for a nice place to stay. Gramercy came to mind because I know they have a drop dead gorge infinity pool perfect for that quick dip I’m craving for.

I feel like dragging my friend Venice so off we went without having any decent outfits but an extra pair of work clothes for the next day. I even bought this swimsuit at the nearest mall in BGC just so I have something to wear for our night swim.

The view is stunning overlooking Makati City but it’s even more captivating during daytime. Unfortunately, we arrived here around 6 pm.

With my dear friend Venice who knows some of my freaky secrets.

The Gramercy’s multi-level infinity edge pool is located at the 34th floor. I love it’s state of the art design giving the impression of luxury and class. I know the photos aren’t enough to convey my thoughts about this high class residential condominium (especially all of it was taken during night time) but I will be doing a full review once I get back.

Booked a studio type room for 2.

The studio type room is pretty basic. In fact, I didn’t really mind because we just used it for crashing after having a few drinks at a bar somewhere in Ayala.

As they say, everything can be bought but being comfortable in your own skin is priceless.

Book a Gramercy unit by using my discount here.

Getting lost in KL

It was like Metro Manila at first glance. The only difference is the people you’d see walking along the streets of Bukit Bintang. A variety of Chinese-Malay, Malays, Indians and a few expats and tourists.  The population of Malaysia is roughly around 30 million,  so you’d see that the city of KL is impressively organized and less crowded compared to Manila. Transportation is easier and more systematic  with well maintained buses and  clean and spacious bus stations.


Coming back from the island of Lang Tengah with a sun kissed tan and a contented smile on my face, I eagerly savored my solitude exploring the city. Although it didn’t last long because my good friend Venice followed me in KL wishing to catch up.  I only had limited time to make the most of Malaysia so I told myself I should probably enjoy my remaining days till I go back home in the Philippines.

I booked a very nice place with infinity pool  at D’ Majestic by Swiss Gardens through Airbnb. This listing is located at Bukit Bintang and t’s pretty much accessible to almost everything. Chinatown is just a few minutes ride via Grab or taxi.


An amazing infinity pool overlooking the city.

img_20181016_100529_145-2058929050.jpg2018-10-16 09-1154735884..jpg

I’ve been relying on my selfie stick and timer from my phone just so I can survive this traveling-alone experience. It’s such a liberating feeling. Doing all these things by yourself like discovering places, asking directions from locals,  trying out unfamiliar foods, bargaining from Chinese merchants and asking a stranger to take a photo of you.



Malaysia isn’t one of those countries I’m dying to see only because I feel like it’s easily accessible for Filipinos, like Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore. The weather is almost the same except their monsoon season, wherein it falls from November until March.

My experience with this city was a memorable one.  Initially, the only thing I was looking forward in Malaysia was the time I’ll be spending at Summer Bay Resort in Lang Tengah, KT but little did I know that there’s more for me in KL too! I met some cool people at my friend Venice’s hostel. It’s very interesting to know that each of these individuals have their own share of stories as to why they love traveling. Some just wanted to forget from their past relationships, some travel because they wanted to widen their network because of their business,  and for most they just wanted to experience different cultures. I guess I fall on this category.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Chang beer is the bomb!





Petaling street full of chekwa.



One thing that made me love Malaysia is their coffee! Iced cold bittersweet coffee after a meal seems to be a thing considered normal here in this place. Almost all locals are having this like desserts.


Coffee on a plastic bag like this looks unappealing but when you get to try  it, you’ll disregard the ugly packaging because it really taste awesome.


I spotted a gift and souvenir shop that sell chocolates like Beryl. Cheap thing for a chocolate candy that taste like Hershey’s almost.  But Snickers Malaysia version made my happy hormones dance with glee.


Blur what?

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Indian babes fashion magazine


Cute owl tote bags!


Food is delicious but not all, especially the ones that I’ve tried here in Chinatown. I don’t like the taste of this honey chicken (i’m not sure what this one is called really). It taste half cooked and I don’t like the smell.  Give me a bowl of Kimchi noodles and I’d prefer eating them even if it’s damn spicy.


20181017_122008-1059442743.jpgNot really a fan of Chinese food. I’m just giving my honest opinion here.


A little Buddhist altar



Chinatown is mostly busy with tourists.  I bought a few stuff like nutmeg oil, chocolates, bags of coffee, a few souvenirs, and some fish crackers from Kuala Terengganu.


Still thinking about where to go for my next travel. Schedule has been pretty tight lately. Maybe I’ll consider Bali Indonesia next.