Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Move To Texas

Moving in the states is a big decision you may have to take. There are so many cultures and climates in all 50 states. If you find yourself having trouble deciding, you may want to consider Texas.

Although personally, I wouldn’t want to move in the US. I would still prefer Canada or Switzerland or New Zealand. But most Filipinos love the United States just because. So if you’re one of them, read the following reasons why Texas is one of the best recommendation. You will be packing your bags in no time!

Beautiful Weather

Contrary to popular belief, Texas experiences all of the different seasons and is not just a hot, flat desert. While summers are hot and humid, the winters are just as cold. Texans can truly experience all four seasons in one day. If you like hot weather, but also need a little bit of cold to refresh you, Texas is the perfect state for you.

Delicious Food Everywhere

Citizens of Texas do not treat their food as a joke, and it shows. The state is home of the most famous barbeque joints. You will not be able to escape the smell of smoked briskets and barbeque sauce, and that is a beautiful smell to be surrounded by. Along with barbeque, Texans honor their classic Tex-Mex, which is a blend of southern American dishes with traditional Mexican food. You will be in no shortage of chips and queso, fajitas, and red sauce enchiladas if you find yourself wandering the Lone Star State streets.

Experience True Southern Hospitality

Native Texans are known for their friendliness, so making new friends in this state will not be hard. You will find yourself to be greeted by almost anyone who walks by, and after only a short period of time, you will find yourself waving and having long conversations with everyone.

Big Cities for Job Opportunities

Texas has not one, not two, but THREE major cities within its borders, all booming with major corporate headquarters and job opportunities. Austin houses for sale are beautiful in the middle of the state, where Apple, Dell, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Facebook, Yeti, VRBO, and tons of other businesses have located their headquarters. Dallas is home to the headquarters for big companies like AT&T and Southwest Airlines, while Houston hosts the headquarters of large public companies such as Phillips 66, Sysco Corp., and Waste Management. There is no shortage of jobs in these areas, as well as surrounding cities like Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Irving.

Fun Sports Atmosphere

Texans take their football seriously, and for good reasons. You will find communities coming together for Friday Night Lights at local high schools, Saturday tailgates to watch your local colleges and alma maters play, and every Sunday from the end of August to the Super Bowl is obviously reserved for NFL Sunday Night Football. Before moving, make sure you have plenty of Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans merchandise, and a signature tailgate dish so you can fit right into the vast sports atmosphere in Texas. After all, everything is bigger in Texas!

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