A Balinese Inspired Villa In Tagaytay: Villa Sena

Being holed up in your house for 4 months can make you feel like a prisoner caged in a mental asylum. Of course I am just exaggerating but this situation is pretty difficult for me because I am the type who likes human interaction. My social life lately involves Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been so active in these platforms that sometimes, I just wanna shout and throw my phone and escape. Despite having loads of free time, I am enveloped in a cloud of distractions. One of those annoying distractions are men who keep sending random messages on FB and IG doing that “quarantine flirting”. As you all know, becoming idle and getting stuck in your house can make you crave for any type of connections. Second, I’ve been procrastinating a lot. It’s weird because just when you have all the time in the world to do important stuff whether it’s work-related or daily errands, your body and mind seem stuck. I guess my brain is craving for fresh air. A lack of oxygen in your brain could affect your creativity and productivity. Lastly, this consistent longtime yearning of finding a place I’ll call home (which my friend Ann can totally relate to). Finding a home means so many things. The feeling of peace, happiness and contentment which for some reason, we can’t find in our own country.

After the government announced that they will lift the Enhanced Community Quarantine within the whole of Metro Manila and NCR, I got excited and was planning to get away from our house, go out, seek some company and just have deep conversations and enjoy nature.

By chance, my friend has an aunt who owns a villa in Tagaytay and they just restored the place, from cleaning the pool, the garden and everything that needs to be restored after the Taal volcano eruption. Tagaytay’s economy suffered and a lot of the resorts were damaged by the ash falls. It took months for them to recover and some of the businesses stopped operating. My friend Ann and I got invited to check out the place and since I live near, I told her to pick me up so we went.

My friends Tootsie and Ann

It’s a Balinese-inspired villa and a private resort on the quiet side of Tagaytay ridge. The place is close to great views, near the famous Starbucks downhill, and close to Tagaytay Highlands. It is easy to locate and near restaurants and tourist spots. The villa was carefully designed and was originally a vacation house but they decided to turn it into a resort villa. A perfect place for families and big groups—family reunions, company team buildings, reception for weddings or small events.

The garden and the balconies offer an unbeatable unobstructed view of Taal lake and the mountains. It is my personal favorite. I get to see the whole view of the Taal lake and the lush green forest surrounding the area.

The forest as my backdrop

The area has several rooms that I wasn’t able to count! You can choose which type of rooms you’d prefer. They also have a spa area where you can relax and have your massage. If you want that Bali feel, Villa Sena is the perfect place for a quick city detox.

The villa at night

Please note that there are 73 total steps, from driveway to the poolside, the lowest area. Consider the ability and/or safety of elderly/adolescent/disabled guests going up and down the stairs before making the booking.

I chose this place for reading. You’ll hear the hypnotic sounds of the water coming from the fountain.
The pool area

Guests are free to roam the grounds and access all the amenities, except for the second-floor prep/stock area. At 9:00 P.M. the caretakers padlock the pedestrian and driveway gates. If you need to let someone in or leave, please let the caretakers know.

Other things to note:

15-20 min away from Tagaytay Highlands (by car)

15 min away from Mahogany Market-8 min away from Ayala Malls Serin.

22 min away from Antonio’s restaurant.

They are available for booking starting December.

Here’s the Airbnb link


If you’re a first time user of Airbnb, you may use my link to register to get a discount https://bit.ly/2NC8pci

This is my second resort review for 2020. I am still positive and hoping that the remaining half of the year would bring luck and peace and wishing the whole world will heal.

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