Best Things To Do In Apollo Bay Australia

Apollo Bay is a small, quiet coastal town situated on the eastern side of Cape Otway located in Southwestern Victoria, Australia. It is a country of breathtaking beauty with stunning outback landscapes and sandy beaches. The long sandy beach is surrounded by a beautiful backdrop of rolling green hills which gives the small town a unique charm. It is also a great spot for surfers because of it’s exceptional surf conditions, Whales can also be seen playing and mating in the waters. Historically, Apollo Bay was named after Captain Loutit’s vessel back in 1845 after he sheltered it from a terrible storm. The town is now popular as a tourist destination. Feed your hunger and thirst for adventure in the most remote pockets of the town. Immerse with the locals and enjoy seafood straight from the ocean or dive with the friendly whale sharks. Below are some of the outdoor activities you can include in your itinerary.

Carisbrook Waterfalls

Connect through nature and walk from the Great Ocean Park going to the Carisbrook Waterfalls. A great way for a mental and physical activity that recharge your healthy fuels. Upon arriving at Carisbrook Creek, you would notice beautiful rock stacks created and formed by people who visited the trails..The Carisbrook Falls is the highest on the mountain of Otway Ranges.and is situated on this creek with perfect views of the mountains and green sceneries. If you want to witness the heavy rush of water from the falls, it is best to go here around winter or rainy season. It is an amazing rain forest trekking experience!

Barham Paradise Picnic Reserve

Be enchanted by the beauty of nature that surrounds this hidden paradise. About 7 km from Apollo Bay and located on the edge of Barham river, the Paradise Picnic Reserve enchants both tourist and locals with it’s majestic lush trees and picturesque settings. To get here, you must follow a dirt trail leading you to the picnic areas. Enjoy a fulfilling lunch or snacks under the beautiful canopy of ferns while listening to the hypnotic singing of birds. You may also swim at the Barham river if you feel like taking a quick splash.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

Enjoy an environmental experience and prepare for a surge of adrenaline rush at the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures, located only 20 minutes away from the Great Ocean Road. Try out their Treetop Walk (which is the highest treetop walk in the world!) and get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the Otway Ranges from above a 25-meter high elevated walkway. Not the type to get dizzy? Explore more and be adventurous by trying out their 30 meters high zipline and zip from one tree platform to another without wetting your pants! Tour packages are being offered for families and groups at fairly marked-down prices. Check the website for more details.

The Cape Otway Lightstation

Get to know more about the history behind Australia’s most famous lighthouse, The Cape Otway Lightstation. Sitting 90 meters above the Bass Strait ocean, this lighthouse is a very fascinating creation to look at. It’s a rich history that dates back to 1848. It is also known as the “Beacon of Hope” There is a telegraph station and some old machines to look at plus the tour guide will give you a detailed history talk about the aboriginal settlers who inhabited the area. Some of the activities they offer are whale watching, ocean walk, Bush Tucker talks and other historical activities.

Marriner’s Lookout

Get dreamy. and feel the wind on your face as you savour a nice peaceful walk up the hill at the Marriner’s Lookout, The uphill walk is a bit steep but it’s all worth it when you reach the peak. As your eyes sweep around the expansive view of the coastline and the whole town of Apollo Bay, a stunning sight awaits all the tourist-worthy to take photos of.

Apollo Bay is one of Australia’s famous tourist destination known for its surf spots and diving. Be immersed with the aboriginal culture, enjoy seafood straight from the ocean, visit the Carisbrook Waterfall or have fun with your families at Otway Fly Treetop Adventures. There are so many activities to do. Check out the list of outdoor activities worth trying.

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