Scalpex Product Review: Say No to Snowflakes In Your Hair!

I am not ashamed that I do have dandruff most of the freaking time. I know it’s embarrassing but the thing is, I never stick to one shampoo and I always switch from one brand to the next, resulting in slight irritation of the scalp, which causes that snowflake thing falling from your hair.  The typical commercial brand of dandruff shampoo doesn’t work for me and one particular brand even made it worse. So I am happy to try Scalpex manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Product Information:

100 mL Ketoconazole 2 g, Zn pyrithione 1 g.

It has a pink liquid consistency with a mild flowery fragrance. Use twice a week for 4 weeks with at least 3 days in between uses. Massage onto wet hair & scalp for 1 min. then leave for 3 min & rinse. This medicated shampoo is doctor prescribed so you may want to consult with a PDS derma first for a proper diagnosis before purchasing the product. If the case of your dandruff is so severe, never try to scrape your scalp hard with a stainless comb or anything sharp just because you want to relieve the itchy feeling. If you do this, it will further injure your scalp, which may enable bacteria or fungus to enter and cause infection.

Is it recommendable? 

Yes. I have used this for only a week and the flakes were gone and even the itchy feeling.  It may be a small bottle but this is enough to cure this annoying dandruff that can be an embarrassment to you if you don’t treat it.


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