Dubai Real Life Story: The Rags To Riches Story of Miss Italy

These Dubai story is authentic and 100 percent real. I will share them with you  however, I changed Miss Italy’s name to protect her identity.  While I was working and living in that city, I kept a journal and documented all these interesting experiences from my friends and people I met there. Hearing these stories gave me a different view on how to approach life when that moment of “survival ” comes your way. It made me think about the importance of perseverance and doing your job with honesty and credibility. As mentioned in my blog post in my other blog about the real life of Filipinos in Dubai, we can’t rely and hold on to that wishful dream of becoming rich and successful if you speed up the process, or if you try to “cheat” your way into success. Plus we all have different perception of success. Greed is addicting. It can eat you whole and if you get swallowed by it. all that emotional and financial investment you made will collapse before your eyes.

Which leads me to sharing with you these true stories from people I know personally. I will probably share some of my experiences too just so you’ll know my life there ain’t that lavish. I turned from a naive newbie into this hardened unfeeling person while I was there. Dubai taught me to be a legit asshole seriously. You’ll be forced to be one I’m telling you. Plus, it awakened my wild and adventurous side I never knew existed. So I’m not even sure if it’s appropriate to share that particular experience here in my blog.


Okay. Why is she called Miss Italy? I named her that because all she ever talks about is Italy, Italy and focking Italy!!! She’s this social climber and very ambitious Filipina who will do anything and everything just to achieve her goals, which isn’t bad really. In Dubai, for you to survive you have to be thick-skinned and think of yourself as the best among the rest, even if you suck at everything you do. Even if you don’t know Math, or even if you don’t know how to speak basic English, you have to believe in yourself that you’re the most amazing human being ever created in this planet. So this Filpina (and let’s just call her “Lucy” lol) named Lucy works as a cleaning lady in this cleaning company somewhere in Al Qusais (part of Old Dubai) Her salary is like that of the typical nanny and domestic helpers working very hard and eating their pride for survival. So imagine, with a low income, she’s still able to afford buying herself an Iphone X, going to salons to have her nails done and buying branded makeup at Sephora. She deserves all that because after all, it is difficult to be a cleaning lady., and cleaning gives her back pains and makes her soft hands turn into sandpaper.

One fine day, she was assigned to clean the flat of this handsome Italian client of hers who lives in the posh neighborhood of Palm Jumeirah. The Italian guy was living alone and a bachelor. The first time she laid eyes on this hot Italiano, she vowed to herself that she will make this man fall in love with her, by hook or by crook. You may be thinking that can’t be possible. An accomplished man working in an oil company would fall for a cleaning lady?

But Lucy our protagonist here has the Cleopatra skill and knows a thing or two about the art of seduction. Adding to that is her optimistic nature and that drive to get what she wants. She didn’t wear her uniform while cleaning. She made sure to change from her cleaning lady uniform while the Italian guy is present to see her curvy figure. She would put this lame excuse that her uniform got soaked in sweat that’s why she brought clothes with her. The guy of course didn’t mind. So while sweeping the floor and changing bed sheets, she would look at the guy and smile and make small talk. She would tell stories about her life in PH as a sales lady. and how she ended up working in Dubai to earn more. In desperation, she applied to all possible jobs and this cleaning company was the first company who accepted her. So anyway, she did this every time it’s her schedule to clean the flat. Talk to the guy and be friendly and sweet and sometimes she would even help him cook his meal, going the extra mile I must say. Luckily for her, the guy seems to be around most of the time during her work schedule. This went on for a few months and they became really close and you know what happens after that obviously. .Lucy told me that the guy got hooked on her because of her amazing blowjobs. He told her that most women are too lazy for that sort of activity and our Lucy here looks like she broke the world record among all his women in giving mind blowing blowjobs. I was looking at her in amazement while she tells me this story. I was really laughing so hard and I even asked her a few tips lol.

So, they dated for a few months and then finally, the guy asked her to resign on the job and said they will get married in Italy.

From a cleaning lady making friendly talks that lead to having sex, then becoming a couple and finally getting married and now living a luxurious life in Downtown Dubai.

Just like that.

As focking simple as that.

And now Lucy can’t stop gushing about Italy. Italy. Italy.

and focking Italy.

Where did I met Lucy? I met her because Lucy’s husband was my date’s friend and we all went to smoke shisha and had dinner at a restaurant in JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers). I like her personality because she’s downright honest and I admire her resilience and her go-getter attitude.


It’s free to dream. We can all dream but one thing I have learned is that, when you dream (or in this case of Lucy when you hallucinate) you have to back it up with actions along with a few strategies. and executions. You have to be focused, persistent and really aim for the goal. With Lucy, her target and her goal is the guy. She was so focused and so positive she will get him and focking hell she did!

Also, another important thing I learned and let’s not dismiss this ladies!

We have to learn to give mind blowing blowjobs!

It can make a man fall in love and get hooked on you.

Uhm I was thinking if I ever gave a mind blowing one to someone. Haha.

Maybe to that future special someone I will.

But kidding aside, we have our own paths to take and good things will happen in it’s own time. We just need to be patient and be optimistic about our situations.


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