Casa Moriones: A Top Notch Catering Company near Enchanted Kingdom

Some of you aren’t aware that I am called a South Girl for a reason. I was born in Batangas, grew up in Paranaque (Sunvalley to be specific near Betterliving) then moved around Cavite and currently living in Santa Rosa, Laguna. I love everything about the South and you’d see the difference when you visit our area. Even the people who live here has a very distinct class and are very friendly. (sorry I am really biased. It’s just my opinion) I am saying this probably because I haven’t lived in any other areas of Metro Manila or anywhere North.


When I attended our United Bloggers Philippines Thanksgiving Party last weekend, I had no clue that the catering services who sponsored our food came from Santa Rosa Laguna, and to be specific, near Enchanted Kingdom!



What are some important key points that a catering service should have? The list can be pretty long but we are talking about food services here. We must be very keen on little things as we will be attending to our guests needs and make them feel at home and enjoy the event. The least you’d want to worry about are complaints from when it comes to their food and poor customer service they get. I have heard so many horror stories about catering services which some are horribly traumatizing. One of my friends experienced food poisoning and almost all the guests were rushed to the hospital. It turns out that one of the dishes were spoiled already.


On a personal note, catering services should have the following:


1.A wide array of menus to choose from.


Depending on the clients preferences, there should be several options for dishes and there should be creativity and flexibility when it comes to the type of cuisine that will be served. If the party or the event are for vegetarians then there should be choices of vegetarian food. Their designated chef should come up with something that the guests would love and we all know vegetarian recipes can be really complicated!


2. Staff should be trained for hand washing procedure and basic grooming and cleanliness briefing before they prepare the food.


I am very observant when it comes to the people serving food in front of me. Always check whether the staff are wearing disposable hair nets or caps to prevent falling hair from getting into the food. Eating a dish and finding a strand of long hair is really disgusting and would give a certain negative impression to the catering company.


3. Creativity and knowledge for aesthetics.


One factor that guests notices are the table settings, decorations and the buffet spreads. Is it properly prepared? are they knowledgeable in setting up the complete flatware, dinnerware and drinkware? Are the linens freshly pressed? Are they clean? Preparedness goes a long way when it comes to impressing guests.


4. Exceptional customer service.


I wanted to highlight this because this is the foundation of a successful business. People always remember a certain service or brand or company if clients and guests alike were given outstanding customer service experience. Most catering service companies are lacking of this simple requirement. Maybe because the staff weren’t properly trained or something. Have you ever experienced this; you were at the buffet line and it’s now your turn to get a scrumptious heapings of cordon bleu and the staff gave you almost half a piece of the meat, then you request for another meat since she gave you almost nothing. You caught the kitchen staff making a face at you and finally relented to your request. That my dearies are the usual treatment we get from typical random catering services whenever we attend certain occasions.


5. Reliability


A reliable service means they answer inquiries promptly, courteous and are very flexible as well. Some catering services will take care of almost everything for you. From the food, the settings, wedding photographers and even bridal cars. This saves our clients the hassle of worrying about taking care of stuff. It’s plus points for catering companies if they have complete services like this.


Amazingly, I found all these key factors at Casa Moriones Catering Company. Our organizer Bette Medina, felt so relieved that everything has been taken cared of and our party was a success with the help of this group.







Casa Morones has been in the catering industry for over 20 solid years with experience in various types of food service from catering to fast food operations, from casual functions to first class arrangements. It is a family owned business that offers a wide range of food selection that are delicious and highly rated by top connoisseurs in the country.


These are the food they prepared for us.











My favorite among all the desserts! Macarons!




The food were very simple however, all of them taste really exceptional, almost like a hotel. No bias just because they are located near my home.


For your upcoming gatherings or events, here are their contact details:


Call (049) 508 1353


Visit their Facebook page: Casa Moriones


Website: Casa Moriones

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