An Experiment With Unlocking The Superbrain: Techniques By Jim Kwik

I’m having difficulty learning. That’s my huge problem lately and I’ve been committing the same mistakes over and over and over again, never learning from them. And this is in all aspects of my life. In my thirst and hunger for wanting to absorb all information I get everyday (whether it’s from books I’m reading, from the internet, or from the people I meet) it’s not helping my efficiency thus making my brain crowded with so many information that it makes me forgetful and lose focus. I have a current job that requires for me to use critical thinking all the time and I felt so bad because I am not able to absorb all the little details that was taught to me during my training. And what’s sad abut it is that all these information are so easy to learn it’s just that I keep forgetting about them the next day. One probable root cause I’m seeing here is that I have so many things in my mind and all of them are stored and scattered carelessly. Think about a very messy room. That’s the state of my brain.


In my desperation to solve this problem, I started doing research for some solutions through the internet and came up with a few basic techniques. There are some courses available that I can take up but it is just so darn expensive and I don’t have any budget as of now to invest on something as important and useful as this one. So for now, I’m starting on an experiment that could hopefully solve this dilemma I’m having.


To share with you how I came to learn about this technique, I am a member of the Mindvalley Community and joined the group after being obsessed with meditation and anything mind-related. I have learned so much about self-growth and using your full potential but as they say, learning is nothing if you don’t apply it right? And admittedly, I sometimes “forget” applying all the methods I learned from books, videos, webinars etc. even if I have all the notes with me. Whenever I am feeling so awful about myself, I go back to these notes and review all the things I’ve learned.


This famous guy named Jim Kwik just happen to frequently appear on Social media and I just ignore the ads thinking this is another bullshit from all these intellectual posers out there. But one night out of curiosity, I decided to give this guy a chance and see for myself if he is actually worth wasting a few minutes of my time for. Amazingly, his tips are so useful and very insightful that I can’t help but blog about it.


Below are just some of the tips he shared to the public and the rest are left unknown unless you enroll in his Masterclass courses (worth $497 to $997).











1.Remember your dream.


Your subconscious is working actively while your physical body is resting. The brain absorbs all snippets of the things we see, hear and feel all throughout the day and all of them are being stored in our brain. When we have a dream, try to remember it and write it down in your dream journal. I do this but not consistently. This is my opportunity. Becoming consistent.


2. Make your bed.


A simple basic thing we often dismiss is fixing our bed when we wake up. In my case though, I do it sometimes and not always. Having an orderly bed before going to sleep helps to de-clutter our mind as well.


3. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.


This is a very interesting tip. It’s one way to exercise that other part of your brain that you don’t often use, which is the right hemisphere. Since I am right-handed, it is being controlled by the left hemisphere which helps with speech and writing. Exercising the right hemisphere of our brain will help unleash our creativity and imagination.


4. Drink a tall glass of water.


Very basic. Getting hydrated will give us a boost of energy in the morning as it fuels our brain and increase our level of alertness.


5. Take a cold shower.


Yup. It may be a struggle for some of us (and it’s not going to be applicable for people who live in cool countries) but as Jim Kwik says, taking cold showers in the morning puts you into theta state–a state of awareness when you start being creative.


6. Make a tea.


I am a coffee person and I cannot really function without my daily dose of caffeine. This is going to be a struggle I wanted to cry! I did a research and found out that tea improves with cognitive ability which helps with forgetfulness.


7. Journaling


This is one habit I consistently do everyday. It helps my brain unload some of the junk (those unnecessary thoughts that’s not supposed to be in there) Some people aren’t into writing but if you want to belong to the Greats, then start writing. Any gibberish that you wanted to jot down will do. As long as you use pen and paper.


8. Make a brain smoothie!


Some brain foods you can eat:


Avocado, walnuts, leafy vegetables, broccoli, eggs, sardines, salmon, turmeric, dark chocolates


9. Read at least one book per week.


My favorite tip! I read 2 books a week and sometimes 3 depending on the thickness and the genres.


.10. Meditate.


Tried and tested. But it should be done consistently. Meditation gives you a clarity of mind and puts you into an alpha wave state, which relaxes
your brain and helps strengthen it.





  1. A good brain diet.
  2. Killing ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  3. Exercise (Practice all the methods)
  4. Brain nutrients (eat brain foods with Omega 3 and Vitamin B)
  5. Positive peer groups (choose your circle. Be with people who will influence you in a positive way).
  6. Clean environment (Always clean up and make your surroundings orderly)
  7. Sleep.
  8. Brain protection
  9. New learnings (add and learn some new skill)
  10. Stress management




Other interesting things he shared and some takeaways:


-You can drastically improve your life if you expand your ability to learn because your learning capacity is not fixed.


-Don’t touch your phone in the first hour of the day. It trains you for distraction and being reactive. When you are reactive, you can’t have the quality of life because what happens when you pick up that phone and first thing you see is either a negative post on social media, or bad news you got from your email which could put you in a bad mood all throughout the day.


-Create a quality life with vision and with good standards.


-One of the keys to a greater memory s understanding the power of location and how space helps us store information.


-If Content is King then Context is Kingdom


-Information plus Emotion equals Long Term Memory.


-Take the Ordinary and make it Extraordinary!


-Use the LOCI method in remembering names. LOCI method is a memory enhancement method that uses visualization techniques with the use of spatial memory, familiar information of one’s place (environment) to quickly recall and retain information.


So now i’ll be like…


Execution. Execution.


Implementation. Implementation.


Saying it out loud twice.

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