Zambali Summer Music Festival: A Celebration of Love, Life, Faith and Freedom

Philippines s one of the countries with so many happenings and fun things going on that staying for about a month is not enough. We have hundreds of islands and if you wish to check out all of them, you might want to stay for a year. Philippines is known for our paradise-looking beaches and because of that, it’s always the perfect setting for music festivals.

This coming April 20 (and yes the date is famous for hippies but there won’t be any of that stuff you’re thinking), join us as we celebrate love, life, faith and freedom with exceptional music from the famous bands in Manila.

Zambali is derived from the word “Sambali”, which is the original name of
Zambales; and also refers to the Zambales’s original natives, the Sambals.
Every summer, most residents of the Metro and Filipinos in general spend
their Holy Week away from the city for a well-deserved getaway and
spiritual rejuvenation – usually at the beach. For some, this has ripened as
tradition. Year after year, major beaches outside of Metro Manila are
packed with both locals and tourists alike. Usually, Maundy Thursdays and
Good Fridays are spent reliving the true meaning of the Cross, and our
salvation. Black Saturdays, on the other hand, has always been the official
day when families and friends go out of town to spend time together and
unofficially celebrate the resurrection – and have fun!

This year, beach-goers from the Metro can experience Holy Week the
Zambali Summer way! The perfect way to experience the summer heat by
listening to a wide variety of live bands while bathing in the sunshine, the
funky feel of the sand and a cold drink on your hand, all that while
supporting the local music scene, advocating for the environment, and
supporting the campaign against dangerous drugs.

Zambali Summer will be held on April 20, 2019, Black Saturday, in Brgy. La
Paz, San Narciso, Zambales.

The event is produced by Awesome Events & Productions (AEP), Rough Stuff Entertainment, and SX Manila

For tickets online, beach-goers and music lovers can search for Zambali
Summer in Event Brite , or they can visit the Facebook Page

Zambali Summer

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