Dormitels Ph: Budget friendly hotel for travelers

Philippines is one of the targeted tourist spots in Southeast Asia. Although we may be  isolated from our neighboring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, we are still one of the most desired destination among tourists coming from different parts of the globe.  Being a traveler myself, one thing that most of us look for is an accommodation that won’t rip our pockets.


Dormitels Philippines make sure that travelers can have affordable hotel accommodations to stay in as they experience the country’s most popular tourist destinations. 




Dormitels Philippines provide clean, hip and trendy interiors, equipped with amenities like showers, toilets, flat screen TVs with cable channels, and fresh sheets and towels for every guest’s convenience. Guests also have a choice between air-conditioner and fan-cooled rooms. 

For some, booking a cheap accommodation always has a catch. You might be thinking of cockroaches, bed bugs and all disgusting things you see at  random hostels on certain countries you go to. But with Dormitels, every facility is guaranteed clean and organized.

#KuripotKaBa Tagline

The tagline may sound negative for people and gives the impression that it’s either you are poor or you are too stingy to even treat something great for yourself. But Dormitels are promoting this tagline “#KuripotKaBa that demonstrates how resourceful Filipinos are, especially, when it’s about food and traveling. When you travel, it’s not always about extravagance and shelling out big bucks but it’s also about training yourself  how to budget properly and wisely. 


Dormitels UST and Siargao Open in the 1st Quarter of 2019

As we welcome the year 2019, Dormitels Philippines will soon open its budget-friendly hotel in UST. “We saw the need of a secure and affordable dorm for students, especially, for those students who are from the provinces taking their reviews in Manila,” says Dormitels UST prices are extremely affordable. “P149/day is I think a decent price not only for students but for everyone who needs a comfortable, clean, and secure place to stay in Manila,” Bagatsing told the media.

Siargao is located in Cloud 9 and will be open in the second quarter of 2019. While it is in the best location, the prices are still affordable.

Dormitels Philippines Other Managed Properties

Dormitels Philippines also manages different properties that cater to seafarers and backpackers locally and internationally. Bahay ng Marino and Luneta Dormitory are under Dormitels Philippines. They are both located in Manila.

Prices vary depending on the location, however, the rooms are as low as P99 per person. It is perfect for students, backpackers, and even entrepreneurs.

Being close to the main city destinations and beach access in Palawan, Siargao, Boracay, just to name a few, Dormitels provides budget-friendly accommodations and activities to ensure you make the most of your budget.

With clean and comfortable accommodations that doesn’t break the bank, Dormitels is the best choice for any budget-conscious traveler!

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