Being creative with Hanns Duct tapes!

Most of the blogger mails I’m getting are beauty products and food items for reviews. It was a surprise I got these in the mail!

15941414_10212144084584231_3628480646473967701_n 15965603_10212144083824212_2091704613412729572_n 16003307_10212144083104194_2159829607187714582_n When my eldest kid Zoey saw this, she got very excited and told me she can help me with getting creative with the use of these duct tapes.  If you’re going to ask me, all I could think of is just using this for packaging and stuff.  But Zoey has got more creative juices than me.

So with the use of this black heavy duty Hanns Duct tape, she came up with a very pretty Dreamcatcher.


She used yarn, scraps of paper, beads from a broken bracelet and a few threads to hold together the beads in the middle. She found a sturdy cardboard paper and shaped it into a ring then finally wrapped them with Hann’s duct tape.

Her next creation is this pretty flower pens made out of the gray emergency tape included in the package. She had them twist the tape and mold it into something that looks like a petal.


It’s amazing how you can use something like these and turn it into a work of art. Now duct tapes aren’t just for packaging,  or leaks on a broken pipe, and anything related to fixing damages of furniture at home,   but you can also make use of it with other creative stuff.

For the green tape that’s  included in the package I got, we used it to hold some photos to design our wall.

Hanns Duct tapes are available at all hardware stores like Ace Hardware and Handyman.



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