14095963_10210773499520461_2447852969020763124_n“Some people put walls up, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down.” -Unknown

I find this quote screaming of cowardice. I was able to analyze this type of emotion and I even spent a whole day studying it with the help of my books, recalling past experiences and pondering my current situation as well. I have come to realize that there’s really no sense holding this wall Ive been carrying for so long. Initially I thought it would help me become emotionally strong and secure.

I was dead wrong.

I think a strong emotionally intelligent person wouldnt really put walls around them. Why? A person who is strong emotionally isn’t afraid to become vulnerable, They are not afraid to take a risk of getting hurt because they know that in the event someone hurts them, they have the power to brush it off, stand back up and go forward without even looking back, hard stiff neck to their past.

When you put walls, you just deprive yourself from being happy. Like genuinely happy. When someone shows interest and comes a bit closer, you step back and hide like a freaking 5 year old afraid of a monster.
Don’t you think its pathetic? I never realized Ive been like this for a year now. It’s totally absurd. The fact that I consider myself a strong, independent woman? I am darn fooling myself.
I thank our Supreme Being, Our Higher Source or God (whatever you call him) that he gave me this situation i’m in because if I didnt experience this first hand, I wouldnt know how I’ve been leading a pathetic llife and been fooling myself.

It’s time to be braver and face your fears. 🙂

I’m a queen. I run the battlefield. I can fight without a protective shield. 🙂

So from now on, no fuckin walls. Walls are for wimps. Walls are for pathetic, coward people. Walls are a sign of insecurity.

Ill keep this in mind.

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