DynaWhite: Gluta + Collagen + Placenta

I’ve got another collab with this new product that is soon to be out in the market. It got me interested because this glutathione consists of all the top ingredients I need for my skin. I am not really into the whitening part but more of the anti aging components  like collagen and placenta.


Another gluta pill that I’ll try only because of the  two main ingredients: collagen and placenta 

P_20160210_093118 P_20160210_093245

You need to use all these tiny soaps in one shower, from step one to step 3!

I’ve been using the capsules for one week and I’m seeing the difference. although I have skipped once, I noticed that my skin is more vibrant and glowing—adding to that are the tiny soaps that complement with the pill. I suggest you don’t use the soap on your face because I can feel it’s a bit drying to the skin.

01 Capture

Meet the CEO of Dynawhite Sean Andre Shin

I am not a fan of gluta products but this one intrigued me so let’s try and see the difference after a month!

Check out Sean Andre’s page for more info about his product Dynawhite


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