Drupal with Pantheon SEO and Website Building Seminar

I’m not a website developer but on a blogger’s standpoint, I can see the benefits of having a flexible and highly scalable web content management hosting like Pantheon. I have to admit I’m clueless to some of the terms they use but I’m sort of getting the picture behind what theyre rambling about  The best part of the whole seminar? I won the raffle and  met lots of intelligent men from the IT Industry (I’m a sucker for intelligent men, come on i’m single. Lol)

The event was held at The Microtel near  Mall of Asia. . I arrived not feeling good because as usual, I didn’t get enough sleep


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It’s always nice to learn new things even if you have no clue of what you’re about to learn. Being exposed with people are one of the things that gives us the opportunity to grow. I was once living in a shell never bothering to know what’s out there, too scared and afraid of criticisms, failure and rejection. But as I move along and trudge into the deepest part of the unknown road ahead , I became braver than I could have ever imagined. I could taste the success just within my reach. I just need to hang on and be brave. I know that God will guide me and will always be with me as I travel down this road. I am so awed by the blessings he’s been showering me. Miracles really do happen.

To know more about Drupal, you may check out their website: https://www.drupal.org/

and follow them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DrupalPilipinas/



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