R2R xx Marilenph Collaboration

Such a hectic day last week that I look really famished and my hair and skin looks freakin dry!  I have attended 2 events in one day but it seems like I had 4 because of the lack of sleep and I feel so tired from work. Anyways, even if I did I wouldn’t miss an R2R event because each tells a story behind it.

R2R Living x Marilen_011Reese Fernandez with Chesca Garcia and Marilen Faustino Montenegro

R2R Living x Marilen_001

Rags2Riches, a fashion and design house empowering community artisans from the Philippines, is growing R2R Living, its line of stylish, artisanal, and functional home pieces.

February 9,2016 marks the launch of their newest collection in collaboration with Marilen Faustino-Montenegro ofMarilen.ph, which is soon transitioning to a global blog called Marilen Styles. Marilen has been an interior stylist for almost 10 years and manages her own design company that specializes in houses, condos, and model units. She collaborated with R2R because she loved the purpose behind the company and the versatility of their products.

“I’ve always known R2R for their bags so I was pleased to learn that they also did home products. I immediately wanted to collaborate with them,” she shared.The R2R Living x Marilen.ph Collection presents both beautiful and functional home accessories like floor planters, hanging planters, poufs, and Scandinavian-inspired serving trays that the artisans ofR2Rhandwove and handcrafted. “I am a believer of investing in good organizing accessories so the floor plant holders and trays were a must,” Marilen said. The color palette is composed of joyful hues like salmon pink and turquoise and complementing, conservative ones like grey and natural abaca. Since its launch in 2014,R2R Living has been bringing home accents to the growing number of advocates who value stylish and sustainable design for their homes.

R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Collection

R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Hamper_01 R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Hamper_02

R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Hampers_01 R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Hampers_02 R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Trays_01 R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Trays_02 R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Trays_03 R2R Living x Marilen.ph_Trays_04

R2R Living x Marilen_009

Rags2Riches has partnered with designers like Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Rajo Laurel for its prominent fashion line. For R2R Living, they have also collaborated with French-Filipino designer, Olivia d’Aboville, who specializes in tapestry and textile structures, and graduated with honors from Duperre Textile Design school in Paris. The R2R Living x Olivia d’Aboville Collection includes beautiful, thickly woven poufs and are a rugs in vibrant colors. Nowadays, more people are aspiring to live a more mindful lifestyle but are given limited choices as to how they can integrate this into their dream homes. R2R Living hopes to empower advocates to combine style and sustainability, not sacrifice one for the other. Its product line is woven with the meaningful and joyful stories of their talented artisans, making it a true testament to the R2R lifestyle: beautiful, compassionate, and eco-ethical.

My favorite product here is this cute hand crocheted hampers made of upcycled, overstocked fabric with leather handles.

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You may visit  www.marilenstyles.com and check out the products.

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