Yes to Clean Elections Forum

The elections are coming to a close and have you thought of who to vote? Last weekend, it’s such an honor to get to attend this elections forum by Mar Roxas electoral party. The forum talks about integrity on public service, utilizing social media platforms for clean elections, saying NO to Black Propaganda and a call to action.

942806_10153900448630561_3674596934078743390_n group shot wit the Mar Roxas Electoral party. 

12645112_10208992529197316_2645517007159623213_nWith the very elegant and beautiful Ms Loida Nicolas Lewis. 

“Filipino is a noble race, we’ re a holy nation, we know how to serve, we are God’s people, be the light of the world”

12651132_10153900449490561_2067119628825940230_n With some of the invited bloggers to cover the event


  I won’t miss a selfie with Mark Lapid of course



12687850_1121222197928903_6327953479360514503_n 12688139_1121222157928907_8661127953399581487_n

12705484_10153900449520561_5206503000915653631_nAnother photo taken outside Cybergate 3.

Have you considered on who to vote yet?  The talk from the running candidates for elections gave me such inspiration to strive hard and do good. Most of them came from poor families but they were determined to change their life for the better, which ended them being potential leaders of our country.

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