Master Hanz Cua forecast The Year of The Fire Monkey

Despite feeling so sluggish yesterday, I still have the strength to attend this very interesting talk with the famous Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua at the One Shangri La Place in Ortigas. I’ve been always curious on what awaits me this year 2016. I feel so lucky because the year started out really great despite the challenges I’ve faced last year. I guess I need a bit of of motivation to do good and aim for what I want in life. I have a lot of plans all laid out and it just needs execution. Time and money are also some of the factors to make them all happen. I am not really a fan of Feng Shui and in fact, I don’t really follow them, but it’s just nice to know what the predictions are in an astrological perspective.





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We met these very friendly Chinese family and chatted with them like old friends.

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I was born in the Year of the Rooster. Master Hanz Cua predicted that for Year of the Rooster, 2016 is the year of opportunities like career advancement and increase in bank savings, unlike last 2015 where the Rooster has plenty of inauspicious star. Romance love star is seated in my chart this year as well.

Wealth luck

Sun Star- Good to open of new business. Possible improvements in career, promotion, recognition and reward.

Strong Sha Star Potential situation of theft and robbery.


Romance Luck

Sky Emptiness Star- feeling lonely, alone, empty, emotional sadness.

Salty pool Star– Possible third party involvement, for married couples, avoid infidelity because it can break the marriage.

Annual Conflict Star– bring in gossips and politics in your life.

Health Luck

Quitting smoking or drinking can prolong your life, change your lifestyle, and remove vices.

I like the sound of this you know. Somehow, these predictions rings a truth in it. My year started out really great because I have met a lot of new people. I also started dating men.and for some reason, getting a  lot of proposals (and even indecent proposals!) But of course, I feel like I am not yet ready to commit because I enjoyed being single too much that it’s very addicting. I love my new independence. The fact that I can do whatever I want with no one to control my actions, no one to worry about and no emotional stress.

You may visit Master Hanz Cua’s store  at the Shangri La Plaza Mall and may pruchase some Feng Shui ornaments, stones and other stuff you may need to bring good luck this year.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!




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