Dome Cafe Food Review

Last December 10 was such a busy day for me starting off with meeting a potential client, signing a contract for a new job and finally attending a blogger event.

I miss food blogging. I think last time I did food review was a feature of Vikings last year. Since right now I’m kind of catching up with myself (from all the things I loved doing), I grabbed the opportunity to accept an invite from a known cafe in Mandaluyong.

After I’ve finished meeting with the client and signing the contract for a new job, I braved the traffic along Mandaluyong to attend a food tasting event for bloggers at Shangri La Mall.

Let’s check out Dome Cafe,  one of the classic restaurants of Shangri La Mall.

We were first served with our chosen drinks. I didn’t get much sleep so I opted to try their Iced Cappuccino with Jelly.


It’s very typical of me to start off my lunch with a caffeine boost! I love the mousse cream on top plus the coffee jelly that goes with it. I have to admit that one ice cream glass isn’t enough to satisfy my caffeine cravings.

Let’s move on to the starters, shall we?



We had Mozzarella Sticks w/ Tomato Salsa, Spiced Sausages, and Chicken Fingers. The Spiced Sausages is definitely an appetizer with a kick! Italian sausages with olive oil and garlic tossed with roasted bell pepper, mustard and chili flakes.


p_20151128_072113Vigan Longganisa pasta

This Vigan Longganisa pasta is for the win! The piquant flavor of longganisa bits in spicy aioli sauce and roasted bell pepper creates a different kind of flavor which suits my palate.

p_20151205_151622_1Seafood Aioli Pasta 


p_20151205_153008_1Chicken Pesto Sandwich 

Definitely, the type of sandwich that would satisfy your hunger. I only ate half of it because I need to make room for the other dishes. Perfectly grilled chicken fillet in basil pesto with mayonnaise spread, lettuce, fresh tomatoes and onion rings.

p_20151205_153024_1Dome’s Classic Club Sandwich 

I tried half of this one as well and I love the combination of cheese omelet, pine honey ham, and fresh tomatoes.


p_20151205_152157_1Grilled Pork Ribs

p_20151205_151812Bangus Belly

p_20151205_152337_1Fish and Chips


p_20151205_160941_1Carrot Cake

p_20151205_161020Blueberry Cheesecake

Some facts about Dome Cafe:

Dome Cafe is an Australian-based company that also offers varieties of food which they refer to as Dome-fried dishes like their best sellers beef belly, pork chops, bangus belly, longganisa breakfast and another Filipino cuisine.

Dome Cafe also has regular acoustic nights every Friday and Saturday wherein they offer unlimited cocktail drinks while you get to enjoy extremely good music o your choice.

Dome Cafe is located on the ground floor of Shangri La Mall.

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