Meeting Jeffrey Sutorius-Dash Berlin

I cannot say how lucky I am to meet one of the world’s popular DJ in the history.

Meet Jeffrey Sutorius aka Dash Berlin.


Dash Berlin at the Media Press Conference

Interesting fact I learned about this guy was that he actually started out as a drummer. Also, he worked for BPM Records and Mid Town Records, both specializing in vinyl.

He played my favorite Armin Van Buren ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Not Giving up on Love with a mix of his own stuff.

Also, let me tell you that I did something totally dumb with the videos. We recorded a few from my Ipad and all of the videos turned out really nice, HD and all. But, to my dismay, I uploaded them via Vimeo and I guess I must have hit the wrong button of some sort because the videos turned out blurry!  I found out too late that I actually didn’t choose the Large HD option.  I have no choice so I guess the videos will have to do.  Thankfully, the Media Press Conference video we recorded is still on my Ipad so I still have the chance to replace the old one.

Will be uploading the videos whithin a week.

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