Humdrum, Peril and Romance

My first look of for the year 2013.



I love this top! Someone actually approached me in the street and said: “Miss,you’re wearing your shirt backwards.” I and I replied ” Thank you.” then smiled and walked away whistling.


Cant get enough of this brogues. I feel like kicking ass every time I wear this.



Me and my rosary bracelet from pink sister are best friends. I feel naked without it. On my other arm is this cool watch from Swatch designed by Jeremy Scott. It has this detachable frame so you can also wear it on formal events and if you feel like being simple. A thing I’ll be wearing every day.


Bazaar necklace



Books and fashion go together. I decided to carry a book on every look post coz It would be my signature look from now on.



A vintage book called Mable Riley, a reliable record of Humdrum, Peril and Romance

This book talks about a young girl with dreams of having adventures and of becoming a writer. When she travels far from home to act as an assistant to her sister, a schoolmistress, Mable hopes her new world will be full of peril and romance.
Her new life, however, is as humdrum as the one she’s left behind. Then, Mable encounters the eccentric Mrs. Rattle, a real writer who wears very daring fashions and takes delight in scaring off the townsfolk by stating her opinions. Mable eagerly accepts Mrs. Rattle’s invitation to a meeting of the ladies Reading Society but the ladies are not discussing books at all, and Mable soon has more peril and romance than she’d bargained for. Set during the time of women’s early struggle for Independence.
Marthe Jocelyn’s coming -of-age-tale about a girl finding her voice and the courage to make I heard-is as funny as it is inspiring.

And I feel like Mable sometimes. Just saying.


I got a lot of nice feedback from this look from my readers and evensent me some messages asking where I bought them. Thank you for the appreciation. I’ll be blogging more outfits hopefully in the coming months.


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