Practical Meditation

Hello everyone. Few weeks of blogging hiatus resulting to lame boring blog. I know I’ve been neglecting it for the past few days. Lots of stuff on my plate at the moment. Luckily I get the chance to sneak a few hours of blogging tonight. Just came home from shopping books, toys, shoes and some other must haves you can think of. I’m also becoming “food conscious” because of my being vegetarian. I scoured the aisles of Shopwise and bought all organic food you can think of. Tra lalala.
You may be asking what I’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks of my absence? Well, I am currently practicing to be soul conscious. Teacher Yogini said that before they teach the advanced studies in meditation, I should practice basic meditation more often. So now my breakfast ritual consists of water therapy and breakfast after half an hour of meditation.

I bought a book last Sunday called Practical Meditation was written by BK Jayanti. It talks about the Basic Raja yoga practice and the art of meditation.


This book provides information on how to live a stress-free life through meditation. Funny thing most of us are busy doing our usual everyday activities, Some would say, “meditation? I do not have time for that. ” If you have fifteen minutes in your day to grab a meal, watch TV or talk on the phone, you also have time to do something for yourself that will actually create more time for you, by helping you raise and maintain your energy levels.


Practical meditation is written for anyone who would like to achieve more balance in their life, and to feel more refreshed and energized at the end of the day.
Yogi Sister Jayanti guides you through simple yet effective steps to beginning a personal meditation program that will enable you to:

-Rid yourself of negative energy
-become more tolerant of others
-learn to remove yourself emotionally from a negative situation so it doesn’t get the better of you
-learn quick and easy meditations for any situations.

I bring this every day and comes in handy whenever I’m in a foul mood, or when I’m stuck in a bad situation. I just read a few words from it and meditate and it’s an instant pick-me-upper compared to indulging yourself in junk foods don’t you think?

Of course, meditation won’t be complete without my CDs.


To those of you who want to have this book, just visit Brahma Kumaris at your nearest place. Or, hit me through email or comment here and I’m willing to ship one to you.
Everyone is entitled to have a peaceful life. Being at peace really starts from within.
Start meditating. It really helps.

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