Granton World Christmas Eat-all-you-can Grab



Who among you are food junkies here? As you can see, food bazaars are everywhere! And it would be better to find a nice one for your food trip. To those who are from the south, I invite you to shell some moolah at Soderno Molito. If you are familiar with the original  Mercato Centrale in Florence and the Boroughs Market in London, we actually have our own Filipino version which is the Soderno @ Molito.-the newest lifestyle market of the south!


Now Granton World will be having a Christmas eat-all-you-can grab for only 299!

Race to grab all the food you want with a 3-minute food spree.

Satisfy all your cravings with the wide array of food merchants that will be serving for you at Soderno. Whether it is Italian, Mongolian, Filipino, or Chinese Food that you have a hunger for, you will surely find everything you want.

For more details, you may visit their website

Food trip galore. I won’t mind getting myself fat because I have an excuse for it’s the holidays. I’ll start fretting over my figure next year.

Let’s go tomorrow!!!

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