EMF announcement

To those who are waiting for the winners to be announced, just stay tuned here. Meantime, I’d like to give you some reminders during the event. This is to avoid hassles and to make your EMF experience a fun and memorable one!

Again, just a reminder:

Minimum age:  18 Years old


 EMF has invested a lot of effort to decorate the festival area, which contributes to the total Exception Music Festival experience, and we expect each and every one of you to show some respect for all the decoration! Failure to obey will be forbidden to enter the Festival area again!


• For those who would be coming with cars, there are parking spaces. We STRONGLY advice you to come early


There are toilets available. So please do not pee out in the open.


Do not fret of getting short of cash. We have ATM machines available.


Oh Goodies and souvenirs!! Available for us to bring home. Yay!!!


• Cash + credit cards at least P2000
• Sunscreen
• Umbrella
• Crappy, comfortable shoes, sneakers, They will get dirty., for the ladies : DONT WEAR HEELS this is Not a Gala event Nor a launch. strip yourself into shorts & top with comfy shoes.
• Sunglasses.
• Camelbak (empty)
• Fully charged cell phone. though we will provide Charging stations for several phone types.
• Ear plugs in case you have sensitive ears, our speakers will blow you away! No kiddin!


• Bottled water
(you will have to throw it away)
• Food ( we have several food stalls )
• SLR Cameras. They aren’t allowed.( digi cam is allowed )
• Backpacks. They aren’t allowed
• Flip flops. Someone will squash your feet!
• Animals/ Pets
• Weapons/ Sharp Objects

Here is the Map of the event:

 Hoping to see you all there!!!

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