It’s my birthday today!!!

Hello Everyone. It’s my birthday today!!!!!

I was overwhelmed with happiness with the tons of greetings I got from families, friends, acquaintances, and people I didn’t even know! My phone has been ringing and beeping with messages. I even got ecards! I feel so blessed. I’m now 31 and realized lots of things. I got the peace of mind I’ve been wishing for the past couple of years.

I spent the day today with my family. We didn’t celebrate my birthday coz I chose not to. I want my birthday to be simple. In fact, I just meditated. I thanked God for all the blessings and the wisdom he gave me. I try to apply all the things I learned through my meditation class and as much as possible control my negative thoughts. My before topsy-turvy life became organized and for some weird reason, difficult situations became easy to handle. Some of you may think I changed religion or something. No, I did not change religions. I am still a Catholic. The only differenceย is that I learned to connect with God and speaking to God through meditation.

The subtle difference between meditation and prayer is that when you pray, you just plainly talk to God. Sometimes, when you pray, you still think of other thoughts at hand. Whilst meditating is you create a calm state of being first, then, when you achieve that calm state, you connect your spirit to God, which is the Supreme Being. You think of yourself as a soul. Not a person who talks to God. You have to travel the spirit world to feel God, to know God and to be with God. Meditation at first is hard to achieve, but with a lot of practice, and when you always apply this in your everyday life, it is very easy. And one thing I felt about this new knowledge I discovered is that when you become a meditator, you are not afraid to die. Because you know that dying just only means leaving the physical body. And that your soul will finally rest and be with God and live the eternal life.

Now that I’m 31 years old, I will make sure to make the most of what life has to offer. I will try to be more content with what I have and not easily be swayed by material things and other influences that could ruin my positivity state.

Before trying to master others, be sure you are the master of yourself.

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