Richenna Magic Fix

Another Korean beauty product discovery!

I was looking for a hair mousse I can buy since last week because I find my hair hard to manage especially during the summer. I wanted to look for an effective hair mousse that would somehow give volume to my dry, limp hair. I was about to grab the Dove hair mousse I saw at Hypermarket but I remembered Watson’s and thought of dropping by. I found out a new discovery in replacement of what I’m looking for.


I like the fact that it’s non-sticky. and it really performs well, but please don’t spritz it directly onto hair as it would cause heavy build up. It should be a bit far away just like when you’re spritzing a face mist, about the same distance. It says that you can use this for achieving nice curls and pretty straight hair.

So after spritzing, I gathered my hair and put it in a bun(I didn’t use a curling iron, time-consuming so a bun would do.) Then I blow dried it and removed the twist and the result is superb.

Richenna is somewhat similar to a liquid hair gel spray but the only difference is that it doesn’t make your hair stiff and hard. It creates a soft feel to the touch and makes it more manageable and easy to style. Compared to the usual hairspray or mousse tout there,  this one really works wonders because the results are fast plus it has a non-sticky feel. It’s amazing how I didn’t use a curling iron and yet I was able to achieve that wavy just-got-out-of-bed hair that I want.

Richenna Magic Spray is available at all Watson’s branches.

Forget about hair mousse for now.



One thought on “Richenna Magic Fix

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